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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Soul Of Jazz Percussion

Here's one of those crazy WTF records. Who actually launched this idea? Anyone heard of this label? How did whoever get all these people together for, well for this?

Now I'm not gonna lie to ya, it ain't in the best shape but it is not bad. Records like these are only found in flea markets and garage sales.

While the potential for cheese can be high, just before it hits that point some tasty solos are dished out. No one performer stands out and decent solos are spread around. Even the arrangements are decent and interesting.

The Soul Of Jazz Percussion

1. Construction Crew (Waldron)
2. Ping Pong Beer (Chambers, Evan, Jones)
3. Call To Arms (Waldron)
4. Witch-fire (Little)
5. November Afternoon (MacIntosh)
6. Chasin' The Bird (Parker)
7. Prophesy (Levister)
8. Quiet Temple (Waldron)
9. Wee-Tina (Shaunessy)


Curtis Fuller - trombone
Booker little - trumpet
Donald Byrd - trumpet
Philly Joe Jones - drums
Paul Chambers - bass
Pepper Adams - baritone
Bill Evans - piano
Mal Waldron - piano
Armando Peraza - congo
Marcus Belgrave - trumpet
Addison Farmer - bass
Don Ellis - trumpet
Willie Rodriguez - percussion
Earl Zindars - percussion
Ed Shaughnessy - drums

Warwick W5003 ST

This is not in great shape but not bad - I would love to see someone clean this up.


cheeba said...

Hiya Hook!

Great LP, I posted a reissue version a few months ago - this one has quite a convoluted story behind it so my write up may answer a question or two you've posed:


You may also be surprised to know that this Warwick version was the original and can fetch a good price from collectors. Grabbing this one from you because the track Witch Fire is not included on the version I shared. I also added a link to your version as well.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

The arrangement of "Wee Tina" from this album,was featured in "Down Beat"at the time this album was released.
Many thanks.

Hookfinger said...

Listen to cheeba... he is a smart man - his post about this lp is awesome! Make sure you check it out.

dputydwg said...

muchas gracias...

Eric said...

Thank you for this share. Without seeming to be ungrateful, I have to disagree with your assessment of the album. I think that it has some great writing, accommodating the percussion parts in a very clever fashion. The solos are also first class.