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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Showcase For Modern Jazz

Here's one that I surprisingly have no recollection of where I picked it up.

A reissue, this has one track that was not on the original release, Lady Like. I'll take it... a John Graas tune featuring perennial favorite Art Pepper.

Pepper features prominently on several tunes as well as other West Coasters as indicated in the lp's subtitle. As far as Lucraft goes, I know very little other than the purple prose of the liner notes but he seems to be relegated to a footnote in jazz history, (much like the very blog you are reading if I were to reach such dizzying heights.)

Do not be fooled, these are inspired tracks. I'm betting that if I had been more than a glimmer in my mama's eye at the time I would have been floored by this new "West Coast" thing.

I don't know how this dude assembled this cast for this session but he deserves to be showered with love.

Showcase For Modern Jazz
Featuring Outstanding west Coast Jazz Men - directed by Howard Lucraft
  1. Blue Moon
  2. I'll Never Say 'Never Again' Again
  3. California Zephyr (Howard Lucraft)
  4. I May Be Wrong
  5. Larissa (Howard Lucraft)
  6. Lady Like (John Grass)
  7. Midnight Sun (Sonny Burke, Lionel Hampton)
  8. Smog a la Mode (Howard Lucraft)
  9. Jazz for Gene (Howard Lucraft)
  10. Two Part Contention (Dave Brubeck)

  • Bud Shank – flute (1,8), alto saxophone (4,8)
  • Buddy Collette – clarinet (1), baritone saxophone (4,8)
  • Conte Candoli – trumpet (2,5,9)
  • Stu Williamson – trumpet (2,5,9)
  • Frank Rosolino – trombone (2,5,9)
  • Charlie Mariano – tenor & alto saxophones (2,5,9), baritone saxophone (5,9)
  • Bob Cooper – oboe (3,7), tenor saxophone (3,6,7,10)
  • Art Pepper – alto saxophone (3,6,7,10), tenor saxophone (7)
  • Pete Jolly – piano (2,9), accordion (2,5,9)
  • Claude Williamson – piano (3,6,7,9)
  • John Doe – guitar (1,4,8)
  • Howard Lucraft – guitar (5,9)
  • Red Mitchell – bass (1,4,7)
  • Leroy Vinegar – bass (2,5,9)
  • Monty Budwig – bass (3,6,7,9)
  • Mel Lewis – drums (1,4,8)
  • Shelly Manne – drums (2,5,9)
  • Stan Levey – drums (3,6,7,10)
Recorded June 8, 1957 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Decca DL 8679 (WEA 1986 vinyl reissue)


ubu said...

Fine music indeed!

Just for your information, this is one of three albums that was reissued on this Fresh Sound 2CD compilation:


il angelo said...

Imposing line-up. Thanks for the music, and. let's not forget, happy new year

Hookfinger said...

Thanks for info, ubu and the well wishes angelo. Nice to see you both around.

Frank said...

West Coast awesomeness!

Baron said...

Missed this one HF - thank you - I must try harder