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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dizzy Gillespie - Jazz Creations of Dizzy Gillespie

So remember when I said I scored a bunch of lps from a library/school sale? They were all on the ARS label, some sort of subscription service type reissue deal, I found out. Many of the lps I have tracked down to their original releases, but some still mystify.

This Dizzy lp being one of those. I don't see where these tracks were ever released on one lp together. And since I am not familiar with many of the tracks other than here, this is the way I know them.

Around Chez Risk this is known as "that cool Dizzy lp without a cover".

I've tried to track down the proper recording info for you nerds, er I mean, completists. Just kidding, but I don't let a personnel issue stop me from enjoying a great tune.

The ARS lp runs through track 8. After that I tacked on a few odds and ends, properly documented mind you, to fill out a nice disc of John Birks Gillespie.

Dizzy Gillespie
Jazz Creations of Dizzy Vol. 1

1. Bout To Wail*
2. Flamingo **
3. Rails ***
4. O Solow ****
5. Blue Mood ***
6. Devil and the Fish *****
7. Shout By Rail*
8. Caravan*****
9. Say When +
10. You Stole My Wife You Horsethief +
11. Tally Ho +
12. Don't Try To Keep Up With The Jones #
13. Paris Swing ~

*Dizzy Gillespie, Taft Jordan, Ermit V. Perry, Ernie Royal (tp) Jimmy Cleveland, Matthew Gee, Jimmy Wilkins (tb) Gigi Gryce, Hilton Jefferson (as) Budd Johnson, Ernie Wilkins (ts) Sahib Shihab (bars) Wade Legge (p) Nelson Boyd (b) Charlie Persip (d) Herb Lance (vo)
NYC, September 12, 1955

**Harry "Sweets" Edison, Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Melba Liston (tb) Willie Smith (as) Curtis Amy, Ed Beel (ts) Clyde Dunn (bars) Carl Perkins (p) George Bledsoe (b) Al Bartee (d) Toni Harper (vo)
Los Angeles, CA, November 8, 1955

***Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Hank Mobley (ts) Wade Legge (p) Lou Hackney (b) Charlie Persip (d)
Fine Sound Studios, NYC, June 8, 1954
Norgran 135

**** Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vo) John Barrows, Jim Buffington, Jim Chambers, Fred Klein (frh) Danny Bank (bars) George Berg, Jack Greenberg, Tom Parshley (woodwinds) Wynton Kelly (p) Percy Heath (b) Jimmy Crawford (d) Johnny Richards (arr, cond) 9 strings
September 16, 1954

******Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Bennie Green (tb) Ray Alonge, Richard Berg, Joe Singer (frh) Jay McAllister (tu) Robert DiDomenica (fl) Ernest Bright, John Murtaugh, Paul Richie, Stan Webb (woodwinds) George Devens (vib) Hank Jones (p) George Duvivier (b) Charlie Persip (d) Clare Fisher (arr, dir)
NYC, April 27, 1960
MGV 8386 _ A Portrait of Duke Ellington

+ Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vocals) Willie Cook, Don Slaughter, Elmon Wright (tp), Mathew McGee, Sam Hurt, Charles Greenlea, (tb), Jimmy Heath, John Coltrane (as), Jesse Powell, Paul Gonsalves (ts), Al Gibson (bs), John Acea (p), John Collins (g), Al McKibbon (b), Specs Wright (d).
NYC, 11/21/49 taken from Capitol Jazz Classics #13 - Strictly Bebop

# Dizzy Gillespie (tp) - uh... I have to find this record.... oops

~ Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vc), Bill Graham (bs), Wade Legge (p), ; Lou Hackney (b), Al Jones (d)
Taken from the CORE lp A Jazz Salute To Freedom

Diz fans look no farther.


Unknown said...

This is great! I have been tryinig to find a nice collection of CHarlie Persip recrodings...and here they are...this is a lot more than I coul dever have dreamed of! Great collection...Thank you for the cool album with no cover!

Take care.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful album. Great recordings.

Thank you again!