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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sonny Rollins - Croydon 1986

Here's another thing that I had to transfer over from cassette. Got this as a member of IAJRC. They had a "lending library" where you could get copies of some odd shows. I got this, a Mingus Big Band show and a long interview with Hawkins, which I erased half of accidentally. Those were the days....

This is originally taken from a BBC radio show. The performance was recorded at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, U.K.

I have taken the original BBC intro and moved it to the end, as well as an interview with Rollins that was the radio "break". This way the concert is all in one piece and you can listen to the conversation separately.

I have not been able to identify a couple of the songs. Help requested.

Sonny Rollins Quintet
Croydon, 1986

Disc One
1. I'm Old Fashioned
2. Autumn Nocturne
3. UT
4. My One and Only Love

Disc Two
1. Don't Stop The Carnival
2. Isn't She Lovely

3. original radio intro
4. conversation Pt1
5. conversation Pt2

Sonny Rollins - tenor
Clifton Anderson - trombone
Mark Suskind - piano
Jerome Davis - bass
Connie Campbell - drums

Part one

Part two


Hookfinger said...

Thank you alpax for supplying the missing titles!!

thoth said...

i think the drummer is named "tommy" not "connie" but i might be wrong. you might want to investigate for your own records. thank you so much for sharing this set as well as all of this other great music, by the way.

ROGJAZZ said...

Links dead

Hookfinger said...

that's so sad rogjazz. Perhaps if you learned some manners and asked nicely they could be reposted.