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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Count Basie Live - 1958

With the turntable down for now, I thought I might offer my first cd recordings. These discs are by what was soon to be known as "The Atomic Band". To me these recordings are a bit reserved but that is not to say they don't swing. I think the venue must have been small and the band played to the space. And I'm simply not a fan of the flute which has NO place in a big band setting.
On the goofy little Laserlight label, these were originally released on 2 discs in an attempt to cash in on your nickels and dimes. Both discs together come in at barely 70 minutes so I have placed them together here for your enjoyment.

Please ignore my cranky attitude and enjoy these records.
Together LS 15 789 and 15 797.

1. Spring Is Here
2. Fantail
3. Teddy the Toad
4. Pensive Miss
5. Corner pocket
6. Scoot
7. Sweety Cake
8. Cute
9. Li'l Darling
10. Low Life
11. Blues
12. Indian Summer
13. Who, Me?
14. Jumpin' At The Woodside
15. Baby All The Time
16. Little Pony
17. Ol' Man River
18. One O'Clock Jump
19. Untitled

Count Basie - piano
Thad Jones, Snooky Young,Wedell Culley, Joe Newman - trumpets
Henry Coker, Al Grey, Benny Powell - trombones
Marshall Royal - alto sax
Frank Wess - alto sax, flute
Billy Mitchell, Frank Foster - tenor sax
Charlie Fowles - baritone sax
Freddie Green - guitar
Eddie Jones - bass
Sonny Payne - drums

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