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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mc Coy Tyner Quartets - 4 X 4

When I first started actually listening to jazz, I thought that the cool shit had wrapped up in the late '50s, maybe an occasional 60's record. I was in high school, what did I know? My only hope was to move backwards and so I did. And that story will be told elsewhere... but my love of jazz never waned and my ears became more acceptable of new sounds...and lo and behold I found that there were records from almost every decade that I loved. But the 80's??? The 80's ???
I have since seen the error of my ways. I heard cuts from this while living outside of Chicago (on WDCB, DeKalb University station, Bruce Oscar, host). This is one of the records that rekindled my interest in jazz as the indie pop scene was waning and my net was thrown far and wide. I didn't lay my hands on a copy of this for a helluva long time. My copy has a different cover than pictured above - no cover blurbs.
While it's status as a milestone is still being debated, for me this record was a lifesaver.

This record features McCoy Tyner's Trio with additional guest stars for each side.
So not only on this Saturday night do you get a bonus lp but you get a double one.

Mc Coy Tyner Quartets- 4 X 4

Mc Coy Tyner - Piano
Al Foster - Drums
Cecil McBee - Bass
with guest artists...
Freddie Hubbard... trumpet
1.Inner Glimpse
2. Manha De Carnival
3. Paradox
John Amercrombie - electric mandolin
4. Backward Glance
5. Forbiddden Land
Bobby Hutcherson - vibes
6. Pannonica
7. I Wanna Stand Over There
8. The Seeker
Arthur Blythe - alto sax
9. Blues In The Minor
10. Stay As Sweet As You Are
11. It's You Or No One
The whole record was produced by Orrin Keepnews and engineered by RVG.


orleyfarm said...

Thanks, Hook!

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thank you very much!

OldHippieRick said...

super dooper keeper Thanks ~ rick

jahknee said...

Haha! Who knew, right? The 80s? But , hey, What a trio and guests..thanx for the post!