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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bill Dixon / Archie Shepp - Consequences

A record like this is often overlooked by folks who don't like "free" jazz. I used to be in that same category. I kept telling myself I didn't understand it but eventually I realized I don't understand any music, I just need to feel it. That said, there is still some jazz that is too free for my tastes yet, but this is not one.

This record comes from the now legendary pile that I digitized for a friend. Even when recording these records I wasn't sure I liked all of them but over a year later. they have become some of my most treasured recordings.

Here we have two seperate bands, each taking their own side to an lp. And two very different styles within the same genre. I know nothing of Bill Dixon and I know only a smattering of sidemen on both dates. In doing a little research for this post I see that some of the dates, etc., I found do not match up to the info I copied off the back of the lp, either through my own haste or just bad info supplied to the french label or posted online.

On the lp, the sprawling opening track, Winter Song 64 is actually divided into several small movements. I did not do this but kept it as all one consistent track (sorta). Perhaps I would do it differently now but I no longer have the lp to work from. Caveat emptor.

As such, here is Consequences BYG 529 001. from vinyl.
And the facts...
Side A...

1/2. Winter Song 1964
3. The 12th December
Bill Dixon - trumpet Ken McIntyre - alto, flute George Barrow - tenor
Howard Johnson - baritone, tuba David Izenon, Hal Dodson - basses
Howard McRea - percussion
recorded NYC Dec 1963
Side B...

4. Where Poppies Bloom
5. Like A Blessed Baby Lamb
6. Consequences*
Archie Shepp - tenor John Tchicci - alto Ted Cursor - trumpet
Don Cherry - trumpet* Ronnie Boykins - double bass Sunny Murray - percussion
recorded NYC Jan 1964
produced by Dixon/Shepp

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