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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Count Basie Trio - For The First Time

I would have bet I had some older Basie Trio stuff than this but apparently I would have been wrong.

I also think sometimes these Pablo records get overloked as it is assumed that damn near everything from the '70s sucked. But ol' Norman actually coaxed out a handful of interesting, and even great, records from some leaders whose careers could have easily coasted from there on out.

But these guys wouldn't have been leaders if they given up so easily, would they?

This record definately shows there was more to Basie's playing than the stride handle that was hung on him. One of the most interesting things on this record is the two completely different treatments he gives to Gershwin's Lady Be Good. There are also quite surprisingly a pair of tunes performed as an organ trio.
So for something a little different here is Pablo 2310 712 once again from my vinyl.

1. Baby Lawrence
2. Pres
3. I'll Always Be In Love With You
4. Blues In The Church
5. Lady Be Good (Concept I)
6. Laby Be Good (Concept II)
7. Blues In The Alley
8. As Long As I Live
9. Song Of The Island
10. Royal Garden Blues
11. (Un)Easy Does It
12. O.P.
Count Basie - piano and organ
Ray Brown - bass
Louie Bellson - drums
recorded May 22, 1974
produced by Norman Granz


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