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Friday, May 8, 2009

Art Pepper - New York Album

A posthumously released record with previously unreleased tracks from the recent Artist House record I posted. No slack here, Pepper laid down some great stuff at the end. If you are lucky enough to own the Complete Galaxy recordings, you already have this. Otherwise from vinyl...Galaxy 5154.
It would seem that these were from the NY sessions, but included is a stunning solo recording from the the LA session. Bastards tried to lead you down a false path, didn't they. Never trust a record company.

1. A Night In Tunisia
2. Lover man
3. Straight, No Chaser (alt. version)
4. Duo Blues
5. My Friend John
A.P. - alto sax
Hank Jones - piano except on Duo Blues
Ron Carter - bass except on Lover Man
Al Foster - drums except on Duo Blues and Lover Man
recorded 2/23/79 NYC except Lover Man , which is an unaccompanied sax solo, recorded 5/26/79 in Burbank CA.
produced by John Snyder and Laurie Pepper, 1985

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