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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jimmy Giuffre Trio - Music for People, Birds, Butterflies and Mosquitos

Just when I thought I had completely mined the borrowed vinyl collection...I ran across another great one from that very batch.

Giuffre's trio is not without subtlety. He manages to hold on to his "cool" as he explores mostly African rhythms. Once again joined by a couple of musicians I don't know, Giuffre brings it all together.

This record rules on a warm summer night.

Jimmy Giuffre - flute, clarinet, and tenor sax
Kiyoshi Tokunaga - bass
Randy Kaye - percussion

12/72 Choice 1001

produced by Gerry MacDonald



il angelo said...

thanks hook finger, whatever he does there is an intense creative calm in the center of it all no matter how swinging or laboured.

lcbriza said...

Thanks for sharing this. Jimmy Giuffre is always wellcome.

Hookfinger said...

thanks for stopping by, both of ya. A great summertime record, yes?

Boromir said...

Thanks very much for this, it's a cracker

Orbyt said...

Delighted to stumbled upon this. Thank you.

Hookfinger said...

Nice to see people still stumbling across the older posts. You're welcome Orbyt.

tommythomaso said...

Here's the lineup as far as I can tell:
1. mosquito dance
2. night dance
3. flute song
4. eternal chant
5. the bird
6. the waiting
7. the butterfly
8. the chanting
9. moonlight
10. dervish
11. phoenix
12. feast dance

Thanx, Hook, for the treats. We appreciate, even those too timid (or lazy) to respond.

G Man said...

This is realy beautiful. Even looking at ice on the street that is about a foot thick, icecold wind howling and everthing covered in moonlight white. Jimmy is right there with Butterflies and Mosquitos. The woodwind genius plays every instrument with great sound, feeling and spirit. For years I have been checking record stores for his albums but never held this one in my hands, listening to this now feels so good.
Thanks for the enlightning music
G Man

Eleventhvolume said...

Wow, thanks so much for this - I'm a big fan of the late Mr Giuffre. I posted about the ECM reissue 1961 on my site Hard Format recently: http://www.hardformat.org/4375/jimmy-giuffre-3-1961/. After hearing clips of Quasar I'm thinking I need to hear his later work too.

jb bryan said...

thanks, i've been wanting this for a long time. giuffre was a rare cat.

Love Letters Journal said...

Thanks! JG-Unit inna house 4 eva!