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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rashied Ali - Moonflight

After Elvin Jones, I thought I might add another Coltrane alumnus. A much more free record and another from the awesome pile I digitized.

This is an incredible session, that has left me jaw droppingly vegged out on the couch many a lte night.

Rashied Ali - Moonflight

1. Blood On The Cross
2. Soul Eyes
3. Moon Flight
4. A Light 2
5. Niama

Rashied Ali - percussion
James Vass - alto sax
Charles Eubanks - piano
Benny Wilson - bass
Marvin Blackman - tenor sax

recording and mixing engineer - Rashied Ali

Survival records SR109.


il angelo said...

Thanks, Jimmy Vass is excellent on this.

freebones said...


thanks a bunch! these free sidemen dates (joe henderson, bennie maupin, elvin jones) are always delightful!

dputydwg said...

thanks again!

Neon Utopia said...

Wow, I never even heard of Survival Records so this has got to be a rare one!