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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cat Anderson and the Ellington All Stars - Ellingtonia

Yup, that's the only image I could locate for this record. My copy says nothing about High Fidelity across the bottom. Let's move on shall we?

While Cat Anderson may be the leader on this date, he learned from Duke to let his men shine. Not that Anderson doesn't shine as well, but for me the highlights of this session are the violin and clarinets. The credits are somewhat confusing, so I have only listed what I think I am sure of.

I've done the best I can to clean this up but I'm afraid it still needs work.

Here is Ellingtonia . A stereophonic release on Wynne records. The actual release number is obscured by a broken spine.

1. Between Some Place, Goin' No Place*
2. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing+
3. The Mexican Bandit+
4. Lovelinessense+
5. Accen'tuate*
6. Chelsea Bridge+
7. Summertime*
8. Like, Dig!*
Cat Anderson - trumpet
Ray Nance - violin
Jimmy Woods - bass
Sam Woodyard - drums
Budd Johnson - tenor clarinet*
Rudy Powell - alto clarinet+
Leroy Lovett - piano
Looks like Lee scored the producers gig as well.
Recorded at Mastertone Studios on 3 track 1/2 in. tape mixed to 2 track stereo...or so we are told.


mario alberto said...

Is the same RUDY POWELL of the FATS WALLER AhR recordings of the 30 s?
Very good blog

the jazzman said...

This is a very interesting album. You were right about cleaning it up though.

I've done my best with Adobe Audition and have taken out 99% of the nasty clicks and pops. When I looked at the scope of the album it looked flat so I raised the amplitude by 9 dbs. I hope you like the results.

Thanks for the album.


Hookfinger said...

Like it? I love it. I have so much to learn. Thanks jazzman, very much

the jazzman said...

I forgot this. Its an alternate cover.

Glad you liked the restoration.


Jazzrealities said...

If you like to know to number
Wynne WLP-707

Wonderful music to be found. Great you let me hear it.

CA said...


Thanks again for sharing this nice LP. I found a cover of what seems to be an UK version of the record in http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=470807.

Sum Doood said...

Yesterday my father-in-law bought me a copy of Ellingtonia at a charity shop in Lancaster, UK. He paid £0.25. The cover is different from that shown above - it's a head and shoulders image of Ellington in a cream-coloured coat and a blue scarf - and it's in mono.