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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Accents On Africa - Cannonball Adderley

Everybody is familiar with Cannonball. All I can do is offer up this little seen lp.
And a story...once when Kronos Quartet was playing locally, I managed to finagle an interview with David Harrington for my very small xeroxed fanzine. We met in his hotel room the night prior to his show and spoke for a couple of hours. I was damn nervous. The ice breaker though was the fact that his bed was practically covered with cds. These were what he travelled with, in the days before ipods, and at the forefront of the digital thing.
As we talked his about his various influences, somehow this record came up. I had been listening to it a bit lately and DH had never heard it, so I went home and made him a cassette of it. Yup, a cassette!!

Hey David, here's a better copy of you are interested.
And the offer for a couple of beers is still open.
The Cannonball Adderly Quintet Capitol STB-2987
1. Ndolima
2. Hamba Nami
3. Khutsana
4. Up and At It
5. Gumba Gumba
6. Marabi
7. Gunjah
8. Lehadima


Slidewell said...

Love your blog, man, and it's great to see somebody else digs this weird (but cool) Cannonball record. Some of the arrangements border on Hollywood overkill, but still a way cool collection of unique and dynamic music. And featuring the Varitone!!!

El Rana said...

I've been looking for this for a long time. One of my favorite things from the eighties is Jeff Berlin and a young Scott Henderson playing the 'Marabi' line in unison.

I was dying to hear the original !!

Muy agradecido....


desiree said...

You actually made my cry with happiness!

I've been trying to get a digitized copy of this for, well over 20 years. Nothing fancy. I just wanted to hear it without having to buy a record player and stylus and dig out my vinyl set of recordings. Thank you.

sosolobi said...

awesome, thanks much. I have the vinyl album, but played it so much that the digi-conversion wasn't so great... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. GREAT ALBUM. IT SHOULD BE released on CD. Thanks again. Very much appreciated.