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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anthony Davis - Of Blues and Dreams

Another record from the bunch that my pal needed transfered. Such a great record. Wiki says very little about this fellow that I didn't already know. An experimental pianist with ties to AACM. This record from 1978 leaves me stunned.

Of Blues And Dreams

1. Of Blues and Dreams
2. Lethe (part 1)
3. Lethe (part 2)
4. Graef
5. Madame Xola
6. Estraven

Anthony Davis - piano
Leroy Jenkins - violin
Pheeroan Ak Laff - drums
Abdul Wadud - cello

produced by Bill Smith
recorded 7/30-31/78


Jazzrealities said...

AD is a really underrated musican and composer. I heard him in some concerts - mostly solo and duo with James Newton at the beginning of the 80's in Germany and Italy. Check out other fine recordings.

dputydwg said...


Durge & The Oldies said...

Wasn't sure I knew this guy but I believe I've heard him on a couple other records. Great to hear him on his own date here and as I'm listening to this first hauntingly lovely piece, I'm glad for the education! Thanks again.

Neroon001 said...

I have always enjoyed his music and like everyone else has stated he is very under rated.I can't wait to hear this recording,what a band he has backing him,saw the cello player along with Davis in a concert in NYC back in the 80's.Thank you very much for sharing this one !

E-mile said...

I've got a CD reissue now, wil post it in FLAC on ROAL soon...
peace, E-mile