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Friday, February 27, 2009

introspection - neglected jazz figures of the 1950's and early 1960's

Here's a compilation from New World Records. Did an inordinate amount of these make it to school libraries because that is where I seem to keep scoring my copies.

Here's a vinyl rip of one that I don't seem to have the material anywhere else. In glorious mono! NM 275 , link corrected.

Artists included are:
The Herbie Nichols Quartet
The Curtis Counce Quintet feat. Elmo Hope
Jaki Byard
Serge Chaloff Sextet
Steve Lacy Quintet
Booker Little Sextet
1. S' Wonderful
2. Into The Orbit
3. Race For Space
4. II, V, I
5. Diane's Melody
6. Body and Soul
7. Louise
8. Introspection
9. We Speak
10. Strength and Sanity
Really nice complete liner notes are here.

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neil said...

An extremely worthwhile post, especially for the unissued Jaki Byard track!