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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elvin Jones Live At The Village Vanguard

A fantastic record that simply speaks for itself. I was surprised to find something so powerful on a label I had associated with a quieter sound.

enja records 2036 stereo

01. By George
02. Laura
03. Mister Jones
04. You Don't Know What Love Is

Elvin Jones - drums
George Coleman - tenor sax
Wilbur Little - bass
Marvin Peterson - trumpet on "Mr Jones"
produced by Horst Weber and Matthias Winckelmann
Live at The Village Vanguard, NYC, 1968


dputydwg said...

thanks very much!

dragonetti said...

This is an excellent record....thanks for posting it, more people should be aware of Elvin Jones' legacy as a leader