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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keith Jarrett - Bop-Be

I've never really been a big fan of Jarrett. He reminds too much of Wynton Marsalis. He is technically very profecient at what he does but he lacks soul. Iknow many a person who would disagree. But anyone with the huge catalog that Jarret has is also bound to sneak out a good one once in awhile. This one is one the Impulse label and is from Jarrett "American Quartet" period It's a damn fun record with lots of space for Jarretts cohorts.

Bop-Be IA-9334

1.Mushi Mushi
2. Silence
3. Bop-Be
4. Pyramids Moving
5. Gotta Get Some Sleep
6. Blackberry Winter
7. Pocket Full of Cherry

Keith Jarrett - piano, soprano sax, percussion
Dewey Redman - Tenor sax, musette
Charlie Hayden - Bass
Paul Motian - drums, percussion


bob nebe said...

fantastic post hook thank you

djll said...

You got to give Jarrett props for nailing Wynton with this quip (souce here): "He's jazzy the same way someone who drives a BMW is sporty."

dputydwg said...

thanks again

Palimpsestuous said...

I've always loved this period of Jarrett. He attracted great players and, before they imploded, this group was as good as any. Love the Marsalis quote too. Unfamiliar to me. Thanks to Hook and djll!
My wife can't handle the moaning, though!