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Monday, September 12, 2011

Nina Simone - Forbidden Fruit

God bless Ella and Sarah, I do so love 'em. But as the  years progressed I often found myself reaching more and more for Nina. Her almost hard-boiled approach to the songs sends shivers down my spine.

Recorded in 1960 - the label included no musician credits. We have geeks for that nowadays. Welcome geeks mind you.. I meant no disrespect. I love the archivists and compilers. Really I do...

Anyway I give you ..

Nina Simone 
forbidden fruit

1. Rags and Old Iron
2. No Good Man
3. Gin House Blues
4. I'll Look Around
5. I Love To Love
6. Work Song
7. Where Can I Go Without You
8. Just Say I Love Him
9. Memphis In June
10. Forbidden Fruit

CP 419


LPR said...

Beautiful album, great share, Hook.

This excellent page about Nina may even be of interest for a pronounced non-geek like you ;-)


According to their discog we have

Nina Simone vocal, piano - Al Schackman guitar - Chris White bass - Robert Hamilton drums

Baron said...

Thanks HF ... Baron

May be back later with geekinfo!

Baron said...

Nina Simone - piano/vocals
Al Schackman - guitar
Chris White - Bass
Bobby Hamilton - drums

NYC 1961


swamielmo said...

great nina, i really dig her thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks HF for the Nina. I'm gathering as much of her music as i can, and this will be my 3rd album of her. She has so many i doubt i will get them all, but i am much appreciative for your post. Thanks again.