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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Henry Threadgill - easily slip into another world

Threadgill is one of those guys I haven't been able to grasp completely. He has recorded a lot of stuff that still leaves me...puzzled. But when he is on, he smokes!

This record is a real barnburner for me. It touches all the bases which could actually come off sounding contrived but in this case never does. The funk of the opening track lures you in as you wend you way through touches of big band, NOLA brass, post bop, and some damn fine ensemble playing. Even a vocal tune thrown in the mix.

The lp is dedicated to Muhal Richard Abrams. The final line of purple prose on the back cover sums it up nicely. And what is purple prose if not a little over the top? "Decoding; 'Easily Slip Into Another World" is an instant classic and it's out to get you."

easily slip into another world

1. I Can't Wait Till I Get Home
2. Black Hands Bejewelled
3. Spotted Dick Is Pudding
4. My Rock
5. Hall
6. Award The Squadtett

Henry Threadgill - alto, tenor saxes, clarinet and arrangements
Rasul Siddik - trumpet
Frank Lacy - trombone, french horn, flugelhorn
Diedre Murray - cello
Fred Hopkins - bass
Pheeroan Aklaff, Reggie Nicholson - drums
Aisha Putli - vocals

recorded 9/20/ 87 NYC

Novus 3025 - I-N


OldHippieRick said...

can you say GEM indeed this is one of them Thanks ~ rick

trane said...

Thanks for Threadgill, after your description I will happily give it a try

Newmill Mark said...

I definitely am not going to resist an album with a track title like "Spotted dick is pudding"! Seriously though thanks for the post, I have often wondered what Henry Threadgill would sound like and look forward to finding out. Cheers!

SlimStew said...

Thanks for this--you shouldn't have to buy a boxed set to finish out your Threadgill library.