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Monday, September 5, 2011

Black Orpheus - OST

I picked this little baby up on my last excursion. Pretty happy about it too. Not all that hard to lay your hands on but who wouldn't want to own a decent copy on vinyl?

So in this post, the music is almost secondary. I just wanted to say how cool it is to still hold in your hands records, actual records that were responsible for starting whole new trends.In this case a record older than I am. Yeah, the music is great as well. It wouldn't have caught on of it wasn't. And yeah, the samba thing quickly veered out of hand, but I'm holding a piece of history.

Unfortunately all I can offer you is to hear what an original slab of vinyl, in mono sounds like. Dig it, cats.

The Original Soundtrack from the Film
Black Orpheus

1. Generique
2. Felicidade
3. Frevo
4. O Nosso Amor
5. O Nosso Amor (tamborine and accordian)
6. Mahna De Carnaval 
7. Scene de Lever do Soleil
8. Mahna De Carnaval
9. Scenes de la Macumba
10. O Nosso Amor
11.Mahna De Carnaval
12. Samba du Orfeu
13. Batterie de Capella

Produced by Sacha Gordine
Music Score by A. C. Jobin and Luis Bonfa


george said...

Thank You.
It is very hard to find this vynil and the music is fabolous!

fdsfds said...

I'm brazilian, 27 years old and heard about the Black Orpheus movie through my entire life, but never new it had a published soundtrack. For that i thank you. Muito obrigado!