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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cecil McBee Sextet - Music from The Source

It wasn't until I listened to this record a couple of times that I even realized it was a live set. I liked it but I never sat down to really listen to it. when I did it really clicked for me. I never really liked the flute much either but it may have been its use on this record that opened my ears a bit.
 The record has a very spiritual feel to it. the sort of spirit you might feel if you were spending the evening under the stars in an oasis nestled somewhere just off screen from the front cover of the lp.
 Side one, a single track, flows steadily from quiet through some raucousness and back to a steady lope before fading gently out. Side two lures you in quietly with a gentle serenade, sweet and pure. The next track reminds you that dancing to jazz is quite acceptable and even encouraged, until that saxophone needs to solo. Accomplished dancers may want to stay on their feet, while the rest of us will be content to listen and groovily sway our noggins.
One of my favorite things in life is to rediscover an lp with fresh ears and be astounded. More so, when the lp continues to sound fresh for many moons. So much for dismissing enja as a label so long ago.

Cecil McBee Sextet
Music from the Source

1. Agnez (with respect to Roy Haynes)
2. God Spirit
3. First Song In The Day

Cecil McBee - bass
Chico Freeman - flute, tenor sax
Joe Gardner - trumpet, flugelhorn
Dennis Moorman - piano
Steve McCall - drums
Don Moyes - conga

"recorded live at Sweet Basil, NYC under very difficult conditions"

mine is labeled IC 3023


E-mile said...

don't know this one, looks good! thanks Hook's [:-)

freebones said...

this is a really solid album. good for you for keeping it alive! cheers!