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Friday, September 16, 2011

Marion Brown - Sweet Earth Flying

The first Marion Brown record I ever heard and still arguably his finest. My friend Mac turned me onto this  when he wanted me to burn his lp onto disc. It was like a gateway drug, I was hooked. Even though his band had recorded a song named for Marion Brown, I had never really explored his music. I was in  his hometown a few weeks after Marion's passing and I was thrilled to hear the band break this song out, if only for a few performances. Which has little or nothing to do with this actual record, which still takes my breath away each time I listen. It plays even now as I type and struggle for words.

 This record has languished too long in limbo and needs to be rediscovered and added to many a Top 100 list.

Sounding very much of its time - mid 70's* - if you are a fan of jazz of that period - you need to hear this. If you are not such a fan, now is the time to give it a try - no better place to start than here.

Marion Brown
Sweet Earth Flying

1.Eleven Light City Part 1
2. Eleven Light City Part 2
3. Eleven Light City Part 3
4. Eleven Light City Part 4
5. Sweet Earth Flying Part 1
6. Sweet Earth Flying Part3
7. Sweet Earth Flying Part 4: Prince Willie
8. Sweet Earth Flying Part 5

1-4 Marion Brown (ss) Paul Bley (p, el-p, org) Muhal Richard Abrahms (el-p, org) James Jefferson (b, el-b) Steve McCall (d) Bill Hasson (per)
Boston, MA, May 6, 1974

5-8 Marion Brown (as) Muhal Richard Abrahms (p, el-p, org -2/4) Paul Bley (el-p -1,2) James Jefferson (b, el-b) Steve McCall (d, per -3) Bill Hasson (per, nar -3)
Boston, MA, May 7, 1974

Impulse AS 9275

* 1974 I was a sophomore in high school, and wouldn't even discover Miles Davis for another year.


Andy said...

Hi,curious so I thought I would take your recommendation .Thanks.

Chistochel said...

Great disc!