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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dave Brubeck Quartet In Berlin

Sometimes the generosity in this community is overwhelming. My friend P___ encouraged me to post this recording. He could have easily kept it quiet, sharing only with a select few, but he would rather see it in the hands of jazz fans.
  This is his record. I have uploaded a new link just to keep it alive but I take no credit for it's appearance. make sure you thank P__. Without him, this gem would not be here.

 I'll let him tell the story.....

One of the hardest albums to acquire for most Dave Brubeck fans is In Berlin, a 1964 concert by his quartet released only in Germany by CBS. Since the set list includes two songs that were recorded at the 1963 Carnegie Hall concert, that may be why it wasn't also issued in the United States by Columbia, though the performances are sufficiently different and well played. Desmond is witty as usual in "St. Louis Blues," though Brubeck adds an amusing Charlie Parker lick in his solo and bassist Eugene Wright also shines. Brubeck's "Koto Song," which had just been recorded a few months earlier for the LP Jazz Impressions of Japan, gave the audience a taste of something new. The composer's economical solo contrasts with his supposed reputation for heavy-handed playing. The group's breezy rendition of "Take the 'A' Train" is followed by the inevitable "Take Five." Recorded for radio broadcast by WDR Cologne, the commercial release was an afterthought following the concert, when Brubeck asked about the possibility.

Dave Brubeck Quartet in Berlin
1. St. Louis Blues
2. Koto Song
3. Take the 'A' Train
4. Take Five

Paul Desmond - alto sax
Dave Brubeck - piano
Eugene Wright - bass
Joe Morello - drums

Berliner Jazztage 1964. Berlin GE, September 26/27,1964

Columbia CBS 62578 Japanese pressing


george said...

Thank You

freebones said...

i've never been a huge brubeck fan, but your friend's generosity is admirable regardless. please pass the thanks along to him for being nice enough to share something he treasures!

Hookfinger said...

freebones - ain't that the truth my friend!! The treasures far outclass the trolls. Will pass along your best wishes.

Philo said...

This is a rare gem! My thanks to all. The tunes were part of the quartet's standard rep in 1964, but the performances are quite distinctive.

Juby said...

Thanks so much for this one!

MrBill said...

Thanks to both of you for Brubeck in Berlin!

Dirk Bill said...

Brubeck is always a favorite. Being a sax player myself, I credit Paul Desmond (and others in my parent's record collection) for showing me what tone and style are all about. I was lucky enough to work for the company that published Dave's music and met him many times; what a gem of a guy. Thank you for this. And everything.

Unknown said...

i have an origional copy in great condition, i love it..