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Friday, February 26, 2010

Johnny Hodges - Rippin' & Runnin'

Every once in a while a Saturday night needs to be about fun. Not perfection, not whats great...just fun. This lp is all about that premise.
The only real star here is Hodges, the rest... a bunch of unknowns who share the same 15 minutes.

Who can ever fault Johnny Hodges? He's a freaking legend.

Johnny Hodges
Rippin & Runnin'

1. Cue Time
2. Rio Secundo
3. Jeep Bounces Back
4. Rippin' and Runnin'
5. Touch Love
6. Tell Everybody's Children
7. Moonflower

Hodges - alto sax
Freddie Waits - drums
Ron Carter - bass
Wilie Gardner - organ
Jimmy Podner - guitar

recorded 12/68

Verve V6-8753


Hookfinger said...

Yeah, yeah, I know Ron Carter is not necessarily a nobody - but he had not carved out a name for himself at this time and so he suffers with the designation.

Joe Carter said...

that's Jimmy Ponder.

Hookfinger said...

Great! Over 50 of you dled the record and I get one person who feels the need to correct my poor typing skills. That's ok man, you're still welcome.

E S said...

Maybe that correction of your typing skills was because you referred to him as a nobody. Which is more a reflection on you than on Ponder. Ponder was (and still is) one the most important guitarists in the organ trio/4tet format.
Ron Carter is one of the 10 most important jazz bassists of all time. Freddie Waits was one of the most important drummers in Jazz at the end of the 1960s/1970s (McCoy Tyner, Lee Morgan, Andrew Hill). As well as being the father of one of the greatest young drummers of today - Nasheet Waits. And no, I didn't download the recording. But thanks for the blog anyway!

Hookfinger said...

E_S/Joe Carter - Thanks for the info. Typing skills notwithstanding...there seems to be a loss of civility in these random anonymous settings...I sincerely apologize for singling you (Joe Carter) out.
I had no intention to slight anyone. The players I mentioned have not crossed my radar, except perhaps Carter, who's status we can argue later.
I welcome your comments at any time.


Hookfinger said...

In the time since E-S left his comments and I responded 30 more people had dled this lp with nary a comment... and I just realized that I misspelled Hodges name in the file title so anyone who has grabbed this record has been here at Hooks Gems and not done a captain crawl type search.

Thank heavens this is a labor of love...and thanks so all the folk who do this type things as well.

E S said...

I'm not worried about being civil - just defending those that have given their lives for Jazz - so that we can have the luxury of sitting here and discussing that music. Maybe in the jazz world we're a little bit more sensitive to such slights because they're so common - and not to be expected by someone that is dedicating as much time as yourself to the dissemination of this music's message.

People like Freddie Waits(and so many others) GAVE HIS LIFE for this criminally under recognized music and his neglected legacy is the FIRST thing that I worry about. i'm sure that was joe carter's motivation for the correction as well.

In JAZZ solidarity - - -

Scoredaddy said...

tahnks for this, a Hodges I have never heard

aroonie said...

Thanks for this one. Didn't know about it.

Progress Hornsby said...

Thank you for posting a Johnny Hodges recording I'd missed along the way. May we all be forgiven our inadequate typing and spelling "skills."

Hookfinger said...

Thanks for stopping by y'all.

Anonymous said...

I think "the important is the music", do you like it because you "feel" something nice or not.
I like too much the Johnny Hodges playing any kind of music, not only jazz. Enjoy the music, the typing only is important to make understandable what you think.

grumpy said...

Many thanks for this. At one time I owned most of Hodges 60s Verves but I've never heard this one!

Al Kover(t) said...

great album, love the Rabbit with the electric guitar and organ, complements his distinctive sound and execution, notes bursting like metallic popcorn!

chilton said...

First time visitor here, plenty of unfamiliar stuff, just dipping my toes, many thanks!