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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fats Navarro - Nostalgia

So if you ever wanted to hear what a real Savoy record sounds like, here's your chance. Of course decent copies of these records are few and far between and excruciatingly expensive. Or they are simply so beat as to be worthless. Luckily I found one somewhere between. This has seen its share of late nights and probably a few early mornings.

A Savoy reissue of a couple of different sessions. Everything here should be recognizable but goddamn if it ain't a lot of fun!

I sometimes find myself awed that a talent like this was silenced before I was even born.

Fats Navarro Memorial No. 2

1. Nostalgia
2. Barry's Bop
3. Be Bop Romp
4. Fats Blows
5. Dextivity
6. Dextrose
7. Dexter's Mood
8. Index
9. Stealing Trash
10. Hollerin' and Screamin'
11. Fracture
12. Calling Dr. Jazz

Fats - trumpet
Charlie Rouse - tenor
Tadd Dameron - piano
Nelson Boyd - bass
Art Blakey - drums

Fats - trumpet
Dexter Gordon - tenor
Tadd Dameron - piano
Nelson Boyd - bass
Art Madigan - drums

Fats - trumpet
Eddie Davis - tenor
Huey Long - guitar
Al Haig - piano
Gene Ramey - bass
Denzil Best - drums

Savoy MG-12133


Angst said...

Thank you very much for this. Fats Navarro is always worth hearing.

AAUndercover said...

You know. I'd never heard Fats before today. Which is kind of sad.

That guy could play.

Kndnsk said...

Just the title cut alone is a timeless classic. I have this music on several cd editions, but, yes, I'm interested in hearing what this lp sounds like! Fats is definitely one of the giants.

SlimStew said...

Always loved the title tune--learned it from "Introcucing Lee Morgan", another Savoy date, but I never knew the original, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have other cds of Fats, but not this one, so I pick up it before is toolate. Thank you

neil said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to listen to this rarity...

beega said...

..Thanks From Florida, Great Stuff! Keep Up The Good Work, So Much Wonderful Late Night Jazz!