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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cecil Payne - Patterns Of Jazz

I am a sucker for the deep registers of a baritone sax. While not the flights of fancy of an alto, nor the stand firm posturing of of the tenor, baritone players seem to be of a different breed. Whether performing their own material or covering a standard there is always such a leisurely feeling to their playing.

This is Cecil Payne's first recording as a leader and it is no exception. Swinging as hard as any post bop lp, it still manages to seem laid back. Perfect for late in the evening as things wind down, just before the vocalists go on.

Cecil Payne
Patterns In Jazz

1. This Time The Dream's On Me
2. How Deep Is The Ocean
3. Chessman's Delight
4. Arnetta
5. Saucer Eyes
6. Man of Moods
7. Bringing Up Father
8. Groovin' High

CP - baritone sax
Kenny Dorham - trumpet
Duke Jordan - piano
Tommy Potter - bass
Art Taylor - drums

recorded 5/19-22/56 by R. Van Gelder.

this reissue is labeled Savoy SJl 1167


yotte said...

Thanks man, you're the best.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing.

SlimStew said...

Played with him for a week back in the early 90's--great gentleman and player--thanks for this!

Anonymous said...


In fact this is not Cecil Payne's first recording as a leader. He had two sessions for Decca in 1949. You can hear one of the tracks on my blog:


Peter said...

Yep, the bari has an unbeatable sonority, it's a monster from the deep.

And Payne is one of the fleetest! A flying Orca!