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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sun Ra - Sound Of Joy

I love Sun Ra sessions. His sidemen are not well known outside their own circle, which may seem damning praise. It's not meant to be. I have never found a Sun Ra record that does not bring about a smile.

Like Duke and Mingus, Ra was a leader who knew exactly what he wanted, and knew just who he needed to coax into that perfect little solo.

This is a rather straight forward session from 1968 that never feels trite. I'm thinking this is just as Sun was trying to make the leap from local Chicago notoriety to a larger stage.

Once again, a nice vinyl rip.

Sun Ra and The Arkestra
Sound Of Joy

1. El Is A Sound Of Joy
2. Overtones Of China
3. Two Tones
4. Paradise
5. Planet Earth
6. Ankh
7. Saturn
8. Reflections In Blue
9. El Viktor

Art Hoyle, Dave Young - trumpets
John Avant - trombone
Pat Patrick - alto and baritone sax
John Gilmore - tenor sax
Charles Davis - baritone sax
Sun Ra - electric and acoustic piano
Victor Sproles - bass
William Cochran - drums
Jim Herndon - tympani, timbali

Delmark DS-414


Cosmo Vitelli said...

Yes, this is a great record. The pairing of the two baritone saxes -awesome musicians, for sure- is incredibly original and brings the music a peculiar, highly original low sound gamma. Ra was an incredible musician, still criminally overlooked

freebones said...

i'm new around this blog, and i was mining the back catalog. thanks for this great album.