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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lee Morgan - Take Twelve

I first heard of Lee Morgan through his tune Rumproller or something, whatever his other big "hit" was. I was never terribly impressed although his skills were not lacking. But while reading a book on Hard Bop I was convinced to check out his solo on Caribbean Fire Dance by Joe Henderson. Holy shit!!!

Subsequently I started looking for Morgan lps. I never found anything to match the spark of that solo but I did find some decent records.

The recording I present here is once again from my vinyl copy but that is not exactly the same cover. Mine is blue, credited only to Lee Morgan (not Quintet) and is not an OJC reissue. But it is a reissue which brings me to why I would post it in the first place.

My reissue is a 1981 Prestige release. The original was released on Jazzland in 1962. I bought my copy sometime in the early 90's. As I was looking for records to post, a task becoming increasingly difficult and was listening to this, it occurred to me...my vinyl copy of this record is 27 years old. Or 8 years older than the record it was intended to replace.

I know I will never own an original copy of this lp. There is no point at my age and lifestyle. My reissue copy will never be worth squat. Yet somehow I feel a deep satisfaction in being able to listen to an almost 30 year lp. So in keeping with my original intention of this blog, here is my copy...warts and all.

Take Twelve

1. Raggedy Ann
2. A Waltz For fran
3. Lee-sure Time
4. Little Spain
5. Take Twelve
6. Second's Best

Lee Morgan - trumpet
Clifford Jordan - tenor sax
Barry Harris - piano
Bob Cranshaw - bass
Louis Hayes - drums



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