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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Basie and Zoot

When I was younger I spent many an hour digging through crates looking for Black Lion releases. Those were the shit. Even though a lot of these same artists were appearing on these Pablo releases, I just thought they would not be cool.

Jazz was not cool back then. At least not what I perceived as current jazz. I was lost - and generally stoned most of the time. I thought these Pablo records would sound kinda..well I thought I would be bored. Youth has a way of screwing you. I remember these records in cut out bins for .99. Bet I coulda zoned out just fine.

Damn shame. These are some very fine sessions. I'm gonna put a few up and I'm hoping you'll find something you like. All from vinyl...

We'll start here...

Basie and Zoot

1. I Never Knew
2. It's Only A Paper Moon
3. Blues for Nat Cole
4. Captain Bligh
5. Honeysuckle Rose
6. Harday
7. Mean To Me
8. I Surrender, Dear

Count Basie - piano and organ
Zoot Sims - tenor sax
John Heard - bass
Louis Bellson - drums

produced by Norman Granz
NYC, April 9, 1975

Pablo 2310-745


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