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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet and Orchestra

After I ripped this lp, I went searching for a cover image. Lo-and behold I turned up rips on two of my favorite watering holes, Orgy In Rhythm and My Jazz World.

Damn - foiled again!!

I see its been about a year and a half between posts so I guess it might be time again to offer this overlooked lp. This is ripped from my vinyl and not ganked from either of those sitesl.

This lp was too far out for me when I bought it, and even back then my small record collection was more esoteric than most. But it survived the fire 0f '78 and that alone made it an institution of my collection.

But was it a good record? I'm sure I dragged out it occasionally over the years but probably at bad times. Those times late at night fueled by er... uhmm.. lets move on shall we?

Turn clock forward 30 years...I'm amazed and happy that this still resides in the colection.

Cannonball Adderley Quintet and Orchestra

1. Experience in E
2. Tensity
3. Dialogues For Jazz and Orchestra

Nat Adderley - cornet
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley - alto sax
Joe Zawinul - electric piano
Walter Booker - bass
Roy McCurdy - drums

with Orchestra arranged & conducted by Bill Fischer:

Trumpet - Freddie Hill, Paul Hubinon
Trombone - Dick Leith, Dick Hyde
French Horn - David Duke, Art Maebe
Saxaphones - Gene Cipriano, Jackie Kelso
Flute, clarinet, piccolo - Bill Green
Flute, piccolo - Jim Horn
Oboe - Ernie Watts, Jerry Kasper
Bassoon - Don Christlieb
Arco Bass - Ray Brown
Mallets - Gary Coleman
Percussion - John Arnold

Violins - James Getzoff, Bill Hymanson, Ralph Schaefer, Bill Henderson, Assa Drori, Stanley Plummer, Gerald Vinci, Henry Roth, Israel Baker, Marvin Limonick, Paul Shure, Lou Raderman.

Violas - Joe Reilich, Milton Thomas, Allan Harshman, Myron Sandler, Sam Boghossian, Gary Nuttycombe

Cellos - Edgar Lustgarden, Raphael Kramer, Armand Kaproff, Jeffrey Solow
Bass - Morty Corb, Bob West, Al McKibbon, Max Bennett

Session #18574 - Capitol Tower - LA, May 20, 1970
74567 'Experience in E' Cap.ST-484
74568: no information (poss. not used).

Nat Adderley (c) , Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as), Joe Zawinul (p), Walter Booker (b), Roy McCurdy (dm) with Orchestra arr. & cond. by Bill Fischer (similar to previous session).
Arr. by Lalo Schifrin-1.
Session #18575 - Capitol Tower - LA, May 21, 1970

This review courtesy of Orgy In Rhythm.

Cannonball Adderley Quintet & Orchestra features three songs, each penned by different authors. Joe Zawinul wrote 'Experience In E', 'Tensity' is by David Axelrod and Lalo Schifrin was responsible for 'Dialogues For Jazz Quintet and Orchestra'.

'Experience In E' and 'Dialogues For Jazz Quintet' gravitate back and forth between Free Jazz and heavily orchestrated Bop. There’s a nice middle part in the former, and a short bass and drum part in the latter that could be looped. 'Tensity' is the best of the three as it has a strong backbeat to a Soul-Jazz melody. It’s been sampled several times as well.

Capitol ST-8-.484

Thank you also OIR for all the lp info!!


chu said...

I think I have the other rips you mention, but I'll test this one as well. Thanks for the effort.

saint said...

fyi the late J Dilla sampled one of these songs on this album.