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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ron Carter - Where?

 Come on y'all....an overlooked classic. Well an MOR classic at the very least. Still a lovely lp.
I love the fact that Dolphy is the single horn, that alone should make it worth your time but he is not the star!! Nor does the impressive placement of Mal Waldron's moniker make this a must have. This is totally Ron  Carter's lp and he makes that known. The other dudes fall in line.
 The cello/bass interplay on Duet is lovely in its simplicity. I wish I saw the cello used more often.
 Anyway enjoy this gem on our nation's birthday. Any excuse for a cookout and great music for the background.

Ron Carter 

1. Rally
2. Bass Duet
3. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
4. Where?
5. Yes, Indeed
6. Saucer Eyes

Eric Dolphy - alto sax, bass clarinet, flute
Ron Carter - cello, bass
Mal Waldron - piano
George Duvivier - bass (except on "Softly" and "Saucer Eyes"
Charlie Persip - drums

Recorded 1/20/61 at Van Gelder Studios

New Jazz 8265


Baron said...

Thank you HF - off my usual trodden path but have enjoyed some Dolphy in the past. Hookfingers crossed.

Hookfinger said...

Hey Baron - Always nice to see you around. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Jakdolesa said...

No way - Dolphy and pre-Davis Carter? Thanks so much!!! : )

Marco Bertoli said...

Notice how this is more or less the same lineup of Mal Waldron's The Quest (minus Booker Ervin), cut six months later in the same studio, for the same label.

Under a different leadership,a hugely different brand of music.

Hookfinger said...

Hey Marco - indeed ! Nice observation. Nice also to see the session referenced correctly. Waldron as a leader is tops around Chez Hook.

Chip said...

Thanks Hook. I was turned onto Ron Carter in the mid seventies. I like this early stuff too.