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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Billie Holiday Vol 2 - Everest lp

I remember when I first bought this lp. It was a used record store sorta. The dude sold records on the landing of his parent's furniture shop. There were maybe 20 stacks of records around the floor, no crates or shelves.This was also the first time we had any access to used vinyl without driving the better part of 100 miles.
Years later this is a destination shop for me in the midwest. He has taken over the entire second floor and most of the first. Of course more space is dedicated to digital than vinyl, but the dude remains a collector at heart and there is always cool stuff to be unearthed at his shop.

 I love these Everest records. I have no doubt that these sessions were culled from many sources and given the artists represented I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't released any many other forms...but this is one of those jazz records I grew up with,  different from what was readily available and just cool as hell. This lp's heritage includes a period when it was the go-to choice when the rain was pattering on the roof of my house, I was safely ensconced in my mancave in the unfinished and rarely comfortable attic.Playing this brings back many fond memories. Enjoy.

Billie Holiday
Volume II

1. Fine And Mellow
2. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
3. Fooling Myself
4. Easy To Remember
5. You've Changed
6. Ghost Of A Chance
7. Willow Weep For Me
8. Stormy Weather

Musicians include Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Mingus, Ben Webster, Roy Eldridge, Gerry Mulligan, Vic Dickerson, Milt Hinton, Doc Cheatham, Danny Barker, Mal Waldron, Osie Johnson, Tyree Glenn.

recorded 8/29/56, 12/8/57, and 6/18/58

FS 310

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Andy D said...

In the latter days of vinyl - the early'80s - A lot of classic jazz and blues was out of print. Everest was invaluable in teaching me about John Lee Hooker, Charlie Parker, Dizzy, Dolphy, Big Bill Broonzy and many more.

I didn't like a lot of what I heard; it was too old and I hadn't developed a taste yet. But I get nostalgic whenever I see one of their records.