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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Black Swan Quartet - s/t

 It took some time, but over the years I have come to love improvisational music. Or rather improvisational jazz, there are many other forms that still escape my attention. Heavens knows I love a good string quartet.
 What a better way to wind down a long hot weekend with a combination of the two? Add a strong summer rain that does not effect lounging in the back porch and you could be close to nirvana.

 I don't often see this lp offered so I was ecstatic when I scored it on my summer vacation. Well, more like really happy...ecstatic would be reserved for the whole haul as one. But I digress...

 If you thought you would recognize Lee Morgan's "Double-Up", you have a better ear than me.
Duke's "Prelude" is a bit more grounded and the rest are originals. Very very cool.

Black Swan Quartet

1. Double-A
2. Justification
3. Prelude To A Kiss
4. Komor
5. For Rita
6. Inside Mr. Outside
7. Libation Suite
8. Spider Dance
9. All Talk

Akbar Ali - violin
Abdul Wadud - cello
Eileen M. Folson - cello
Reggie Workman - bass

recorded live in studio, NYC 1985

Minor Music 009


Hookfinger said...

Crap - I accidentally deleted some comments, but I thank you all for your kind words.

Marco Bertoli said...

Exquisite, thank you Hook.

X75a said...


Thanks for the Black Swan Quartet post. I saw them back around the time this album came out. It was interesting, to say the least.