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Friday, July 6, 2012

Oliver Lake - Heavy Spirits

 I'm always amazed at the great jazz records that came out while I was in high school. Great records that I never heard and probably would have completely dug given my frame of mind at that time.Unfortunately I sheepishly followed some of the more far out trends but never discovered the music I would really come to admire.
 Two recording dates, three bands, one of which consists of Lake and 3 violins, and a solo outing. Now that's how to make a great record.

Oliver Lake
Heavy Spirits
1. While Pushing Down Turn
2. Owshet
3. Heavy Spirits
4.Movement Equals Creation
5. Altoviolin
6. Intensity
7. Lonely Blacks
8. Rocket
Oliver Lake - alto sax
 Tracks 1 - 3
  Olu Dara - trumpet
  Donald Smith - piano
   Stafford James - bass
  Victor Lewis - drums
 Tracks 4 - 6
  Al Philemon Jones, Steven Piesch and C. Panton - violins
Track 7
  solo lake
Track 8
  Joseph Bowie - trombone
  Charles Bobo Shaw - drums

1-3,8 recorded 1/31/75
remaining recorded  2/5/75


Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

Thank you Hook ; I never heard this one.

roberto t. said...

Never saw it reissued on cd, but I still have the LP. One of the best of the period and Lake was at the peak of his game. Probably it's just nostalgia because he is still wonderful, but this record is something special. Thank you!

neil said...

Having heard his "Holding Together'[1975], eager to sample this. Many thanks...