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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mingus Big Band - Glasgow

I've been meaning to get this up for awhile so with the great scare going on right now I figured this was the perfect time. I'm damn sure Mingus would be on our side in sharing these recordings.

 The backstory - This recording appears to be taken from a radio broadcast. I acquired it when I belonged to the IAJRC. I made a copy of a pair of cassettes from their lending library...onto cassette because cd burners were not happening just yet for us regular folk. As soon as I was able to transfer to disc I did. Unfortunately I have since...uhhh...misplaced the original cassettes which certainly contain at the very least, recording info, if not also track listings.
 I'm sure I will run across these in the near future but for now you too can enjoy the mystery of identifying these tracks. Feel free to post in the comments and I will assemble the info out front here.

UPDATE - check the comments. Couple of our friends came through with the info.
A-ha and what I have figured out may be of some help. On posted recording "Invisible Lady" is split due to cassette limitations. I also have no idea where the interviews fall on the official program listings as I have moved them to the end.

 The last two tracks are a short interview with Sue Mingus recorded on the tour.

Mingus Big Band - live 1
Mingus Big Band - live 2


WinterStatic said...

Awesome post, thanks.

JD said...

I'm presuming it's the same broadcast as the one I recorded off BBC radio back in the day.
Recorded at the Old Fruit Market, Glasgow, as part of the 1995 Glasgow Jazz Festival (absolute killer show!) -
1. So Long Eric (13.38)
2. Invisible Lady (19.31)
3. Jump Monk (11.30)
4. Started Melody (11.35)
5. Nostalgia In Times Square (16.59)
6. Fables Of Faubus (12.16)
7. Baby Take A Chance With Me (3.58)

Hope this is of some help!!

Delano 47 said...

This is what I was able to dig up:

This 14-piece band was formed to play the compositions of the late Charles Mingus by his wife Sue. Brian Morton introduces the band's concert at the 1995 Glasgow Jazz Festival, when the line-up includes saxophonists Chris Potter and John Stubblefield, trumpeter Kenny Rampton, trombonist Robin Eubanks and pianist Kenny Drew Jr. The numbers include `So long Eric', `Invisible Lady', `Jump Monk', `Started Melody', `Nostalgia in Times Square', `Fables in Forbus' and `Baby take a chance with me'. During the interval, Sue Mingus talks to Brian Morton about the band and her husband's compositions.


Hookfinger said...

Thanks guys, that is absolutely right on the info. Now I just have to make sure the tracks are in the proper order.

JD said...

Hey Hook, I'm pretty sure the order I gave you, which was the order in which I cut it live, is correct.
Somewhere, though I don't seem to be able to locate it at the moment, I have (if I remember the year correctly) a 1998 return to Glasgow by the band, also recorded from the BBC, which is - if you can imagine such a thing - even wilder!!! I'll let you know when I find it.

Hookfinger said...

JD - I'm sure you are absolutely correct on the track order. I meant I had to make sure I had it in the proper order...missing cassettes and all. But this will definitely help me straighten it out, so much appreciated. And I would dig hearing that newer recording if you ever track it down.

Isidoro Macarena said...

muchas gracias.

trane said...

This is the info I have

Mingus Big Band
Glasgow, Jazz Festival 1995
july 1995
tt 101.17

Earl Gardner, Briley Mullens, Kenny Rampton,tp John Stubblefield, Chris Potter, Steve Slagle, Don Braden, Gary Smulyan,reeds
Robin Eubanks, Dave Taylor,tb Frank Lacey,tb,voc Kenny Drew jr.,p Andy McKee,b Adam Cruz,dr

1 Interview Sue Mingus / So Long Eric 17:27 2 Ann/Invisible Lady 21:06 3 Ann/Jump Monk 12:42 4 I ann Speaker/Can't Get Started 12:15
5 ann / Nostalgia In Times Square 17:42 6 ann/Fables Of Faubus 14:34 7 ann/Baby Take A Chance With Me 5:32

ritzbird said...

Many thanks for this great recording,exciting stuff.