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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Charlie Parker plays Cole Porter

 One of a set of Parker reissues from Verve in glorious mono. Also it was sadly reissued "electronically reprocessed for stereo". This is the shit boys and girls. Scraped right off the vinyl that is older than me.

The alternate take of "I Love Paris" is one of the sexiest songs ever recorded. Had I been aware it years ago, it would have ended up on one of those largely ineffectual seduction cassettes that lonely music geeks were known to make.
 Recorded in 1955, I believe this lp reissue is from 1968. At 44 years of age, this platter is starting to show a little wear. Never the less it still feels good to wrap around it once in awhile.

This post is somewhat cobbed from my sadly neglected Cole Porter blog.

the genius of Charlie Parker #5
Charlie Parker plays Cole Porter

1. I Get A Kick Out Of You*
2. I Get A Kick Out Of You (alt.)*
3. Just One Of Those Things*
4. My Heart Belongs To Daddy*
5. I've Got You Under My Skin*
6. Love For Sale+
7. Love For Sale (alt.)+
8. I Love Paris+
9. I Love Paris (alt.)+

Charlie Parker - alto
Roy Haynes - drums *
Art Taylor - drums +
Jerome Darr - guitar*
Billy Bauer - guitar +
Kenny Kotick - bass
Walter Bishop, Jr. - piano

MG V-8007


Brad Geiger said...

Parker still electrifying after all these years. Thanks.

Bhowani said...

yes Hookfinger !! we are not neglecting your cole porter 's blog..for my part,I would have been honored to enter in..and I missed the occasion somewhere, somehow, I don't know..problem is that with aficionados like me, already involved in a fitfteen blogs , we do face some difficulties to answer or participate as we would like to...I mean, regularly, politely by answering and sharing...So many good blogs with so many generosity Please, have mercy on us !!

MrBill said...

Thank you - a Parker album I had not heard.

kochcembalo said...

Yes, you are right, fake stereo recordings are bad. But it is much more bad to grab the music from an antique and scratched LP. Sorry!

Hookfinger said...

Hey koch - you can always search out someone who has a nicer copy or better yet go BUY you're own damn copy rather than critisize those one who is just offering to share what he loves. If you had read my comments at the beginning of the blog you would have known that some of these lps conditions are dicey. These are for your enjoyment only and not meant to be treasures in your collection.

Fearless Leader said...

Muchly appreciated.

auntadadoom said...

I rather like antique and scratched LPs.
Thank you very much from one who does appreciate your sharing them.

Chip said...

Thanks for this fine gem Hook! No matter that it's a little scratchy, that seems to be the exception in your library.

"I love Paris" is just plain hot.

Prof. Yaffle said...

The music is not tired even if the record is! Great share - thank you.