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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art Pepper - True Blues

Aw hell yeah! this was like the holy grail for me. I searched long and hard for this record. Scored over the holiday season!!
 One of a pair of lps released with Micho Leviev as the leader. The other lp was reissued in the "Laurie Pepper presents" series as "Live at Tony Scott's" but the original title is something about Fisherman's Blues but I can't seem to find the damn thing right now. 
 I paid far too much for this record so dig it cats, you won't see it around much.

The Milcho Leviev Quartet
True Blues

1. True Blues
2. Goodbye
3. G.I. Blues
4. Straight Life

Milcho Leviev - piano
Art Pepper - alto sax
Tony Dumas - bass
Carl Burnett - drums

Mole 5


anon'n'on said...

thanks for the late xmas present

Brad Geiger said...

Thank you, thank you, can never have enough Art Pepper in my collection! I read that the Pepper-Leviev collaboration, although one of the most productive and creative of Art's career, was a real love-hate relation, in which Art's exasperation with his pianist still drove him to unimagined heights of invention. What an amazing artist was Art!

moremiles said...

Thanks a lot for this Hook & a big Happy New Year. AP is one of my fave alto men. He never disappoints.

Frasco said...

Appreciated, Hook... regardless how much did it cost! Thanks!

Gsblog said...

You are right, this is rare.

It was recorded at Ronnie Scotts. Laurie Pepper has recently issued the whole 2 nights recordings on 4 cds.


Well worth seeking out. Laurie deserves the money.

JH said...

"Blues for the Fisherman" is the other title. Thanks for this download...great stuff!

OldHippieRick said...

Thanks for this gem and check out Label: Mole Jazz [MOLE 1 PLUS] 1985
Reissued CD with one from "True Blues" and "Blues For The Fisherman" Lp's on it... it is also The Milcho Leviev Quartet comp. oldhippierick

worldbflat said...

Hey Dave, nice to see this. I have the 'Fisherman' LP and did a nice rip which I posted over at CIA a couple of years ago. I could dig it up if you like.

rm said...

thank you very much! great post.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks, I have the Fisherman lp. I just couldn't remember the full title at the time. I think your post may be where I first heard it and caused me to seek out my own copy.

Philo said...

Many thanks for this delightful obscurity. I am really enjoying the music.

trane said...

Terrific, thanks a lot for this!
Unfortunately I can't find my copy/file of

"Blues for the Fisherman"

If someone could possibly re-up it, it would be greatly appreciated

boogieman said...

Hi Hooks, I downloaded it a while ago and managed eventually to listen to it. Fascinating music. It's on my wishlist now!

Karl K said...

How come YOUR title differs so greatly from the title on the cover artwork? I'm seeing it as:
The Milcho Leviev Quartet - True Blues. No Art Pepper...