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Sunday, January 1, 2012

David Murray - Flowers for Albert

 First let me say that while I was looking for a cover image, I found that one of my favorite blogs had already posted this lp. I do believe that they have a copy of the CD with the "Complete Concert" up though. Which in actuality is taken from two different sessions. 
 This is the original lp as presented except that  I cut the tracks at the obvious spot even if the lp lists them as a single track per side.
 Goddamn! Murray was 21 when this lp was recorded. It was his first as a leader and was a fixture in the loft scene. I was 18 and drinking beer and smoking weed in a 100 dollar a month apartment listening to Yes and Pink Floyd on some crappy little stereo. So to say this music is so far past the scope of what I would have listened to at that time that it is crazy is an understatement. Hell 35 years later, I still struggle with it at times, even though Murray has become one of my favorite performers.

Flowers For Albert

1. Joanne's Green Satin Dress
2. Ballad For A Decomposed Beauty
3. Flowers For Albert
4. Roscoe

David Murray - tenor sax
Phillip Wilson - drums
Olu Dara - trumpet
Fred Hopkins - bass

Recorded at The Ladies' Fort, NYC 6/26/76

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Nick said...

Many thanks for this. Can't wait to listen to it.

Olu Dara (who plays trumpet) is none other than rapper Nas's father.

Happy New Year!



Steffen said...

Thank you.