When you get up in the morning, you must have a song - Ray Charles

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Just want to take a minute to wish Happy New Year and best wishes to all my friends who visit here. All told it had been a pretty good year. I have seen a lot of nice new blogs and have met (ethereally) a few new friends. A few shoutouts, in no specific order; Emile for provided one of the most fun blogs on the planet, Arkadin for his continued top notch effort, Uri and Paolo for the great new additions, King Cake for keeping it real, and inconstant sol and orgy in rhythm for hanging in there so long.  LePorc and the crew from you know where. Cheeba, where ever you are my friend, I hope you and yours are doing well and everything worked out. And last but not least, my constant debt of gratitude to Rab. As I have said time and again, I wouldn't even being doing this without his encouragement, and he has remained a staunch supporter.
I'm sorry if I left anyone out because I was truly blessed with many new acquaintances this year.
 This has truly been a labor of love and despite the occasional moaning about the trolls without enough courtesy to say thanks once in awhile, it has been worth it. As long as people want to hear this music, I'll keep sharing it, if I am able.

Keep swingin', ya all



Baron said...

Happy New Year - Baron

Hookfinger said...

Hey Baron, thanks. Always nice to see you around. Hope you have a new year as well.

The Uber Sonic Sonar Radar said...

you know its much appreciated thank you and happy new year to you

farosanderson said...

happy new year (if a little late), keep up the good work, hope 2012 is as good a year for you as the last.