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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Chester, PA 1957

Here's one from disc. Was this ever even released on vinyl? Can't imagine why not. Can't be bothered to dig around and find out. We're here for the music.
I love the fact that Diz is mostly famous for his stripped down lightning fast bebop heritage, but his heart always seemed centered on the big band stuff he grew up on. I love this transitional period between bebop and hard bop. For a brief couple of years you had the best of all worlds at the time.

For some reason this disc languishes on the shelf far too much. I like this record more than I like all of the known official releases I have heard from this period. This is a monster.

Back yard, hot night, grill is dying down. Try not to piss off the neighbor but doesn't Dizzy's trumpet sound far too good really loud, cracking the starlit sky?

I have no idea where I scored this disc. My cover is a bit different.

Dizzy Gillespie Big Band
Live In Stereo At Chester, PA

1. Introduction
2. A Night In Tunisia
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Dizzy's Business
5. Anitra's Dance
6. Begin The Beguine
7. Left Hand Corner
8. I Love You Much Too Much
9. Yesterdays
10. Wonder Why
11. Cool Breeze

Sorry kids - no info on the insert. I'm betting we have a good neighbor that may come along and supply the details. watch the comments.

Recorded 6/14/57

Jazz House cd JH-1029


Kndnsk said...

Thank you hookfinger!

moha said...

Great atmosphere, thank you! Maybe the same band as at Newport, a month later.

flat5 said...

Google found it right away.

Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra
Talib Daawud, Dizzy Gillespie, Lee Morgan, Ermit V. Perry, Carl Warwick (tp) Ray Connor, Al Grey, Melba Liston (tb) Ernie Henry, Jimmy Powell (as) Benny Golson, Billy Mitchell (ts) Pee Wee Moore (bars) Wynton Kelly (p) Tommy Bryant (b) Charlie Persip (d) Austin Cromer (vo -23)
Chester, PA, June 14, 1957
1. A Night In Tunisia Jazz Unlimited (Swd) JUCD 2040
2. Doodlin' -
3. Autumn Leaves -
4. My Reverie -
5. Dizzy's Business -
6. I Remember Clifford -
7. Jordu -
8. Whisper Not -
9. Birks' Works -
10. Jessica's Day -
11. Left Hand Corner -
12. Yesterdays -
13. Cool Breeze -
14. A Night In Tunisia Jazz Hour JH 1029
15. Autumn Leaves -
16. Dizzy's Business -
17. Anitra's Dance -
18. Begin The Beguine -
19. Left Hand Corner -
20. I Love You Much To Much -
21. Yesterdays -
22. Cool Breeze -
23. Wonder Why -
* Dizzy Gillespie Big Band Live In Stereo At Chester PA (Jazz Hour JH 1029)
* Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra "Live", Chester, Pennsylvania, June 14, 1957 (Jazz Unlimited (Swd) JUCD

Marcobar said...

Great performance by Gillespie's 1957 band! There's some info about the various releases of this concert (in part and whole) here:

Frasco said...

Many thanks, Hook!

rm said...

thank you very much

duck said...

A Great many thanks for this dizzu and all the other superb material, it is greatly appreciated