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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Blue Note Lost Sessions comp.

Embarrassingly I am offering up another cd copy. Once again though, I don't believe it ever saw light as a vinyl release.
It was also apparently made available as part of a 7 disc set for the Connoisseur series. Popular opinion is that this disc is the only only one really worthwhile.
There are many fine players spread across these tracks as one might expect from what made have been the world's most "perfect" label at one time.
Any flaws these tracks may have that kept them from being released originally are beyond my scope.

A few observations... apparently the opening Charlie Rouse track was the only thing salvageable from his two sessions. I have always enjoyed his work with Monk so I am surprised. I also have a Charlie Rouse lp that I will share soon that I think is swell.
Tadd Dameron's arrangements always astound me, and Ike Quebec is highly under rated.

Blue Note Records presents

1. One For Five
2. The Elder Speaks
3. Bevan Beeps
4. Lament For The Living
5. Aloof Spoof
6. For All We Know
7. I See Your Face Before Me
8. Sweet Slumber
9. Lady Be Good
10. Blues On Trial
11. Cowbell Boogie
12. Don't Even Go There

1. Charlie Rouse - tenor; Freddie Hubbard - trumpet; McCoy Tyner - piano; Bob Cranshaw - bass; Billy Higgins - drums 1/22/65
2 -5. Tadd Dameron - piano; Donald Byrd - trumpet; Curtis Fuller; Julius Watkins - french horn; Sam Rivers - tenor sax; Cecil Payne - baritone; Paul Chambers - bass; Philly Joe Jones - drums 12/14/61
6-8. Duke Pearson - piano; Ike Quebec - tenor; Israel Crosby - bass; Vernel Foournier - drums 6/26/60
9. Sonny Stitt, Dexter Gordon - tenor sax; Don Patterson - organ; Paul Weeden - guitar; Billy James - drums 5/14/62
10. Ike Quebec - tenor sax; Gene Harris - organ; Andrew Simpkins - bass; Bill Dowdy - drums 2/4/62
11. Fred Jackson - tenor sax; John Patton - piano; Grant Green - guitar; Herbie Lewis - bass; Ben Dixon - drums 6/12/62
12. Herbie Hancock - piano; Melvin Lastie - cornet; Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax; Eric Gale, Billy Butler - guitars; Bob Cranshaw - bass; Bernard Purdie - drums 7/19/66

BN 21484

I'm betting many of these tracks have ended up tacked to individual lps as bonus cuts. The "leader" of each date is in bold.


Andy said...

No comments! Amazing,thanks a lot plenty of good sounds on this one

Bill said...

Many thanks! looking forward to this1n

JustPlainHip said...

Thank you so much for this!!! I had been wanting to hear the Tadd dameron session with Curtis Fuller for years - never could find it!! Thanks again so much!!!!!


Frasco said...

Thanks a lot, Hook! Great post.

KingCake said...

thanks hook!

Hookfinger said...

Man, it's really cool to see you guys stopping by. My pleasure!

yewsta said...

Confess to being primarily interested in the Tadd tracks here - thank you very much.

art58koen said...

Thanks, great post!

Unknown said...

I'm surprised as well that the Rouse sessions didn't produce more releasable tracks. "One For Five" was released as a bonus track on "Bossa Nova Bacchanal" and it sounds great. I can't imagine the other tracks from this session not being of releasable quality as every one of the players on that session were top notch.

Dirk Bill said...

Thank you for the post. I have also been looking for this Tadd Dameron session. In fact I had to buy a 10-inch re-release for the Japanese market of "A Study In Dameronia" on Prestige w/ Clifford Brown last year because it was not in print (how is that even possible???). He is very under-appreciated imho. Thanks again.

dolphydays said...

This is the most absolutely FABULOUS SURPRISE EVER! What a way to spend the Fourth of July Sunday weekend late night! RVG (Rudy Van Gelder) was genius as much as the musicians as a sterling A&R man supreme. The Tadd tracks are 'magically modern' to say the least. I'm a Blue Note Collector for 30+ years and thought this was a gimmick. What kind of fool was I? :) No comments can do this justice. PLEASE REMEMBER to check your regular e-mail for the Donald Byrd/John Jenkins 'Star Eyes' on Savoy post upload request. THANKS A TRILLION!

dolphydays said...

I just got arrested!!!! (happily by the MUSIC). The Tadd Dameron tracks embolden another celestial/cosmic event among many I've had lately. I was just listening arbitrarily to Miles[Davis] Complete Live Sessions,1948-53 with Dameron, a heavy rain came, and then I stumbled into this one. I couldn't avoid sharing the reiteration that the Tadd Dameron is magnanimous as is all the music. VISCERAL!

dolphydays said...

Tadd Dameron's music has a noble angelic quality chock full of surprises and TOTAL originality, intellect, humor, CLASS, yet accessible! HAPPY...the original (LOL) laughing -out-loud crowd here. Mr. PC provides a bass player's holiday! Now I know what Mr. Butch Warren the bassist meant about Tadd and Paul. Sam Rivers HUH?! Err' body SWINGS in space.

dolphydays said...

In addition to my other comments, Dameron was CRIMINALLY ignored and under recorded. THANK THE GODS for these few TRUE GEMS!!!

dolphydays said...

More on Dameron: These FEW tunes are fully instructional to the advanced musician/listener in that Dameron's use of audible
chord substitutions in the writing AND the comping in-session produce a MARVELous display of originality and mastery as a composer/arranger and a player. His use of flatted fifths or what-have-you, and augmented and diminished forms provide humor with intellect, by design. As well they instruct that personal and purposeful Dameron voicing flavor in the ensembles sections of a given piece. THANKS AGAIN!

t said...

you are a good book walking