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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coleman Hawkins - The Hawk In Holland

Goddamn Hawkins. What can you say? I think The Ramblers had the time of their life. I think Hawkins had a blast. These recordings have the ability to take my breath away at times.
Hawk is in top form...so freaking cool...and he leads these guys completely down his path.
This is pre WWII. WTF? Somebody pulled off these recordings?
The lp this is taken from was released in 1968. What we have are at the time 30+ year old recordings on a 40+ year old record. And I have to worry about disturbing my neighbor because I like to hear this stuff swing...loud!

Coleman Hawkins with The Ramblers
The Hawk In Holland

1. Some Of These Days*
2. After You've Gone*
3. I Only have Eyes For You*
4. I Wish I Were Twins*
5. Chicago~
6. Meditation~
7. What Harlem Is To Me~
8. Natcha's Dream~
9. I Wanna Go Back To Harlem+
10. Consolation+
11. A Strange Pact+
12. Original Dixie Land One-Step+
13. Smiles+
14. Something Is Gonna Give Me Away#

recorded in Holland on (*) 2/4/35. (~) 8/28/35. (+) 4/26/37, and (#) 4/28/37



Hookfinger said...

Fuck man! The Hawk can swing!!!!

brianbrora said...

No matter what period Hawk you listen to - He's always impressive! His title of ''The Father Of The Tenor Saxophone'' was always fully deserved.

Slidewell said...

This stuff is just so damn cheerful, it just makes me lay back and grin. I had this on vinyl back in the day, and great to hear Hawk swingin' with a Dutch accent!

Hookfinger said...

It is, isn't it? I love this record.

neil said...

Told you I was up for it. Now I'm chilling out with it.
Many, many thanks...

Hookfinger said...

Too funny, Neil. I hope it lived up to the hype.