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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Definitive Jazz Scene Vol. 3 - Impulse Comp.

The last in this series of vinyl treasures. Again these tracks were all unreleased when the lp was issued. This is probably the most forward looking of all three lps.
A few personal observations and notes about this lp. The Coltrane piece features him on a soprano, an instrument that I struggled with liking for many years. then I just outright dismissed it except for the occasional Trane pieces which I mildly suffered through. Now I have come to embrace it again albeit still in smaller doses.
The Archie Shepp blows me away far more than it did 10 years ago when I first landed this lp. as do the Oliver Nelson and Shirley Scott tracks.

The Chico Hamilton track is adapted from an old Bob Crosby Dixieland swinger. The Russians never did make a splash but the tune is fine in it's own right. I love a clarinet. And only two of them are russian.

Sometimes it seems unfortunate that most people quickly relegate McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones to Trane sideman status as they were both exceptional leaders on their own. These tracks
support that admirably.

The Definitive Jazz Scene
Volume 3

1. Vilia
2. The Chased
3. One For Phil
4. Five Spot After Dark
5. Big Noise from Winnetka
6. March For Igor
7. Time After Time
8. That Five-Four Bag

1. John Coltrane Quartet - JC - soprano sax; McCoy Tyner - piano; Jimmy Garrison - bass; Elvin Jones - drums NYC 3/6/63
2. Archie Shepp Trio - AS - tenor sax; David Izenzon - bass; JC Moses - drums NYC 3/9/65
3. Oliver Nelson's Septet - Thad Jones - trumpet; Phil Woods - alto sax; Phil Boner - tenor sax and English Horn; Pepper Adams - baritone sax; Roger Kelleway - piano; Richard Davis - bass; Grady Tate - drums; Nelson - arr. and conduct NYC 11/10/64
4. McCoy Tyner Trio - Tyner -piano; Jimmy Garrison - bass; Tootie Heath - drums
NYC 6/4/63
5. Chico Hamilton Trio - CH - drums; Willie Bo Bo - drums; Al Stinson - bass NYC 3/15/65
6. Russian Jazz Quartet - Boris Midney - clarinet and alto sax; Roger Kelleway - piano; Igor Berukshtis - bass; Grady Tate - drums NYC 11/13/64
7. Shirley Scott Quartet - SS - organ; Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax; Bob Cranshaw - bass; Otis Finch - drums NYC 9/23/64
8. Elvin Jones Quartet - EJ - drums; Charlie Mariano - alto sax; Roland Hanna - piano;
Richard Davis - bass NYC 2/23/65



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this!

Hookfinger said...

Wow dude - you are fast! I've only had this posted for about 15 minutes! thanks for visiting!!

E-mile said...

Hook, thanks will give this a spin soon, but I',m bound to find nothing but quality here [:-)
peace, E-mile

aroonie said...

Johnny Hodges & All The Duke's Men

A gem that sparkles - thank you.

n November 1961, when asked who his favorite musician was, there was hardly a pause for thought. 'Johnny Hodges, the world's greatest saxophone player,' he said.

From "John Coltrane: his life and music" by Lewis Porter

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AAUndercover said...
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Manuel said...

Hello friend, thank you very much to make these pages, and gustaria to be able to me to long ago reclaim these discs that lost. Thank you very much.