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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Robert Parker - The Swing Era Small Bands

More crazy goodness. All the big names are here, Django and Dorsey and many more plus a handful of obscurities. Whether you like what he does with these recordings or not, it is very cool to just be able to listen to them. Crackling stuff as Parker will say.

As usual, a pair of 1/2 hour shows. .


Hookfinger said...

Here's the links cats...

part 1


part 2


Swing on!!

brianbrora said...

Many Thanks for your excellent posts!

JH said...

Great, thanks again -- these are marvelous shows.

flat5 said...

What a beautiful radio.

Unknown said...

A small community of Robert Parker fans can be found at Robert Parker Jazz Facebook page . It includes an RP timeline , discography and pictures of his 100+ album covers.