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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jazz at The Philharmonic Chicago 1955

Verve reissued a handful of these records in 1983. Pretty sure they never made the cd transistion. My copy is one of those ARS series that were sent to schools and libraries.

I have been on a bit of a Lester Young kick lately and digging through the lps I found this neglected little gem. Not a major record in anyone's discography but still a cool way to spend a hot summer evening. Hell, Prez doesn't even make the cover!!

Side one is a typical JATP jam session. Side two features the inevitable Oscar Peterson group and a odd outing by Gene Krupa. As much as Peterson leaves me cold, this version of Budo is entertaing.
Dizzy is smokin' as always.

Jazz At The Philharmonic
Chicago Opera House

1. Mail Order Blues
 Flip Phillips, Lester Young, Illinois Jaquet - saxes
 Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge - trumpet
 Buddy Rich - drums
 Oscar Peterson - piano
 Herb Ellis - guitar
 Ray Brown- bass

2. Anything Goes
3. Baby, Baby All The Time
4. Budo
 Oscar Peterson -piano
 Herb Ellis - guitar
 Ray Brown - bass

5. Drum Boogie
 Gene Krupa - drums
 Eddie Shu - sax & trpt
 Bobby Scott - piano
 Whitey Mitchell - bass


* The link has been corrected, You just have to look a little harder.


Hookfinger said...
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jbl said...

I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything. When you unpack the file you get: 1 - Jam Blues nmr 1 from 1952, 2 - Funky Blues Pt 1 from 1954, 3 - Funky Blues pt 2 from 1954, 4 - Mail Order Blues from 1955. Id it supposed to be like that or is there a mix-up?

Luis said...

The audio files don't match with your playlist.
01 Jam Blues #1
02 Funky Blues #2
03 Funky Blues #3
04 Mail Order Blues

According with the Ruppli Clef/Verve discography, ARS G416 has:
The Blues
The Modern Set
The Swing Set
The Ballad Medley
Buddy Rich's explosion
Drum Boogie

davide said...

Excellent share, thanks

rm said...

Great post. Thank you very much, but the title list doesn't match with the download.

jazzcat1228 said...

Thank you Hook! I love JATP stuff and this one is new to me.

Hookfinger said...

Hey guys, I see what happened. I apparently had a apir of records on the disc when I uploaded the file. The other was entitled Jam Session. Give me a few days and I will either amend the post to include the songs as a bonus or I will pull it and put it up right. Not really all that good with this computer stuff and hell, it's just for fun and the joy of sharing. Thanks for pointing it it out and thanks for commenting.

Hookfinger said...

Alright cats, here's the corrected link. Thanks for your patience. I don't know about Luis' track listing from the discography but it has a different matrix #, and mine is taken from the label.

I know side two starts out a mess, but I have a friend who clean it up shortly and I will replace the link once again.

That's the way it goes around Chez Hook.


Otis Foster said...

Thnx hook - Ill d/load this while waiting for the replacement

jazzcat1228 said...

Thank you Hook! I appreciate your efforts with this blog and for your work to get this particular post correct. Thank you for what you do.

Preslives said...

Thank you very much for this one. Pres also played "I Didn't Know What Time it Was" at this concert. It was evidently released on another Verve LP that also never saw a digital release.

vsense said...

Great stuff, I especially enjoy your personal comments going down memory lane. I'm prone to doing a bit of that myself these days.

Larry Kart said...

Age 13, in eighth grade, I was at that concert. Our home room teacher, a jazz fan, took me and my best friend. First time I'd ever seen any of the giants.