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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oscar Pettiford - Vienna Blues

One of the things I love about jazz is when I discover recordings that have players that are completely unknown to me. Session men pulled in for the day that turn out incredible records.Never heard any of these fellows that accompany Pettiford on this disc. Don't recall them turning up anywhere else, although some pedant is sure to come along and correct me.Even more surprising is that a handful of the songs were written by the heretofore unheard of sax player.

This is a great little lp. Perfect on this overcast spring evening.

1. Cohn's Limit
2. The Gentle Art Of Love
3. All The Things You Are
4. Stalag 414
5. Vienna Blues
6. Oscar's Blues
7. Stardust
8. There Will Never Be Another You
9. Blues In The Closet

Oscar Pettiford - bass, cello
Hans Koller - tenor sax
Attila Zoller - guitar, bass
Jimmy Pratt - drums

Recorded Vienna Jan 1959

Black Lion records


Hookfinger said...

This one actually comes from a cd. Not something I usually post but I like it so much. Hope you do as well....


Fourcade said...

Thanks for the album, and it sounds great too at 320!

Hookfinger said...

Damn that was fast! But thanks for checking it out. Glad to see you around. Hope you visit often.

Larry said...

I guess a pedant is anyone who knows a little more than you do. I am sure I do not, but I do know that Attila Zoller was regularly recorded in the '60s. The others I too am unfamiliar with.
Thanks for posting and all the other great work you do.

george said...

Very nice post.
Thank you, Hookfinger!

flat5 said...

Good post.

Koller, Zoller & Pratt.
Probably lawyers by day :-)

They were quite active in the 1950s.

boogieman said...

Hi Hook,

great album indeed, it was on my list of things to post but you were faster. If you don't know any of the guys playing with Petiford, come and visit, you'll be able to pick some more Koller and Zoller.


LPR said...

A wonderful session, i share your enthusiasm.

Even on the danger of being the "pedant", these are hardly obscure players. At least not if one's interested in European jazz.

Koller is a seminal Austrian jazz man, and Zoller, a Hungarian, one of the best six-stringers with roots in Europe. Both recorded for MPS among others and are definitely worth exploring.

Jakdolesa said...

...there were some albums with Hans Koller on the http://mps-love.blogspot.com blog, but they are probably not for downloading anymore...
Thanks for this one!

mel said...

Saw and heard Jimmy Pratt in 1958 - he was a member of the Jazz West Coast group that toured South Africa. Others in the group were Bud Shank, Bob Cooper, Claude Williamson and June Christy.

tantam said...

There are live recordings of Jimmy Pratt backing Charlie Parker in California around '46-47...
Am I pedant enough?

michael said...

At the risk of being pedant, its a collection of well known musicians. Attila Zoller was a very prominent guitarist making many albums (I have 7 including one with Hans Koller)whilst koller was a little less well known. I do have 3 of his including one comprising of Hans Koller, Attila Zoller & Roland Hanna. As for Pratt, I confess ignorance!