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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

David Murray Octet - New Life

Murray's 4th outing with the Octet. I have become so enamored with Murray over the last few years that often I can never find a damn thing wrong with his lps. Once again, here is one I never picked up until recently and once again I wonder why not. I am now on a quest to land all of Murray's Black Saint lps on vinyl.

 Please enjoy this newest acquisition with me. What else ya got to do for the next 45 mins? Nothing better I assure you.

1. Train Whistle
2. Morning Song
3. New Life
4. Blues In The Pocket

Murray - tenor sax, bass clarinet
Baikida Carroll - trumpet
Hugh Ragin - trumpet
Craig Harris - trombone
John Purcell - alto sax
Adegoke Steve Colson - piano
Wilbur Morris - bass
Ralph Peterson Junior - drums

recorded 10/6/85, NYC


Hookfinger said...

Enjoy, my friends. Leave bountiful comments.


Fourcade said...

As you say, Murray is incredibly good! Thanks for ripping the vinyl specially for format mp3 at 320 Kbps, maximum quality possible.
Wonderful blog!

Dirk Bill said...

Hook, thank you; this one I had not heard, by one of my favorite sax players of all time. David Murray kicks major ass always.

Fernando said...

Thank you Hook, never heard this Murray gem.