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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grand Award records - The Blues

Acclaimed by Music Critics. Approved by Music Educators. Treasured by Music Lovers. These Grand Award records can be some fun stuff. Since I'm no discophile I am unaware if this stuff has been issued elsewhere. I put it here to share with anyone else who wants to swing to these grooves. This batch being a bunch of jazzy blues. Dinah belts em out with Lucky Thompson's All Stars. Don't miss Mingus locking down the groove on these. The last couple of cuts are by Betty Roche who is cool but she's got Ellington alumni and Earl Hines on piano. You never hear this shit on PBS!

And a David Stone Martin cover...oh yeah!

1. Blues For A Day
2. Rich Man's Blues
3. All Or Nothing
4. Beggin' Mama Blues
5. Chewin' Papa Blues
6. Pacific Coast Blues
7. Wise Woman Blues
8. Blues On My Weary Mind
9. Trouble, Trouble
10. I'll Get By
11. Design For Jivin'

1-7  Dinah Washington Sings the Blues w/ Lucky Thompson's All Stars
Lucky Thompson - tenor
Milt Jackson - vibes
Charles Mingus - bass
Karl George - trumpet
Jewel Grant - alto sax
Gene Porter - baritone sax
Wilber Baranco - piano
Lee Young - drums

8-11 Betty Roche Sings with the Earl Hines Septet
Earl Hines - piano
Johnny Hodges -alto sax
Ray Nance - trumpet and violin
Al Casey - guitar
Oscar Pettiford - bass
Flip Phillips - tenor sax
Sid Catlett- drums

G.A. 33-318


Hookfinger said...
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Hookfinger said...

Anybody having problems with these. A couple of people complained (of course) but all seems OK on my end.

hepcat said...

The first four tracks are the Roche/Hines material. The last seven tracs are the Washington material but tracaks 5 and 9 are only partials, not complete.

Jakdolesa said...

I couldn't unpack it as well, such a pity...

Hookfinger said...

Alright, I will work on this, probably over the weekend and see if I can get it fixed up.

Hookfinger said...

Let's see if this works.
It's now two links. The first is the Dinah Washington tracks followed by the Betty Roche tracks which is the proper lp order.



Here's to hoping this solves the problem.

george said...

Thank you a lot, Hookfinger!
The links are working.

Dirk Bill said...

Anytime I find some Lucky Thompson that I didn't have before is a great day! Thank you Hook!

mgconlan said...

Thank you, thank you very much for posting this! I had the album (my copy is currently in deep storage) and I was looking for the four tracks with Earl "Fatha" Hines to complete an eight-CD Hines mix I was working on. The titles on your uploads are scrambled (though it's a tribute to pianist Wilbert Barranco that on one of the mislabeled tracks he had me convinced he was Hines until the unmistakable voice of Dinah Washington kicked in) but with the help of your track list and the Dinah Washington "Legendary Song Stylist" CD (which includes seven of her Apollo Records recordings, four of which are also included here) I was able to dope out which was which. Once again, a marvelous recording, excellently transferred, showcasing little-known tracks by the legendary Dinah Washington (with jazz greats Lucky Thompson, Milt Jackson and Charles Mingus!) and the less well-known but excellent Betty Roché. Thank you again!