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Monday, April 15, 2013

Robert Parker's Jazz Classics In Stereo - Classic Jazz

I've just been listening to the second installment of The Robert Parker series. I must admit that despite the criticism of his restoration methods, I am quite happy at being able to enjoy these tracks at all.

I must apologize for the horrid commercial in the middle but I left the shows intact.

Despite the similar title of the last post this is a different compilation of various artists and early tracks. The next few shows with narrow the field a bit more.

As I mentioned before, the remaining shows were in half hours segments so there will be two links for each show. Enjoy!!!


Hookfinger said...



Once again, these would not be available with a little help from my friends.

Phillip said...

What wonderful shares. Many thanks, Hookfinger.

The Hi de Ho Blog said...

Many thanks for another gem of yours.

george said...

Thank you!
Very nice post.

brianbrora said...

Many Thanks!

Dirk Bill said...

Dig this show completely! Looking forward to more. Another gem, Hook!

Unknown said...

A small community of Robert Parker fans can be found at Robert Parker Jazz Facebook page . It includes an RP timeline , discography and pictures of his 100+ album covers.