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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Duke Ellington plays

Alright I know I've been a complete slacker lately, but honestly there is so much great music out there that it is difficult sometimes to offer something different. I'm hoping this all too short offering will keep the wolves at bay.
 In keeping with tradition, I'm offering you all this Duke Ellington 10"er. I know it is next to impossible to offer rare Ellington, the dude is well documented after all. Just the same, I have just shy of 100 Ellington lps and this is the only place I have all but 2 of these tracks. Of those two tracks, "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream" melts me every time.

Duke Ellington plays
1. Hiawatha 
2. Minnehaha
3. It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream
4. Diminuendo In Blue
5. Happy Go Lucky Local - Pt 1.
6. Happy Go Lucky Local - Pt.2
7. Tulip Or Turnip

No recording credits are printed on the sleeve but I am sure some ambitious soul could easily dig these up on a Duke discography somewhere.

Allegro 4038


mel said...

This LP was a reissue of several 78s Ellington recorded in 1946 for the Musicraft label.

Shelton Hemphill, Taft Jordan, Francis Williams, Cat Anderson, Harold Baker – trumpets
Ray Nance – trumpet, violin, vocals
Lawrence Brown, Claude Jones, Wilbur DeParis, trombones
Jimmy Hamilton – clarinet, tenor sax
Russell Procope – alto sax, clarinet
Johnny Hodges – alto sax
Al Sears – tenor sax
Harry Carney – baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Duke Ellington – piano
Fred Guy – guitar
Oscar Pettiford – bass
Sonny Greer - drums

chu said...

Duke Ellington Plays

These are Musicraft sides recorded in October-December 1946, after his 1940-1946 Victor contract had ended and before his 1947-1952 Columbia contract had started.

Duke's Musicraft contract was short-lived. There were 15 sides in total. All of them were reissued on a Musicraft CD, and they later also appeared on CD on Chronological Classics (and probably a whole lot of other PD releases as well). Nice stuff. "Happy Go Lucky Local" later formed the basis for Jimmy Forrest's hit "Night Train".

Hookfinger said...

Thanks to my friends who filled in all those great details. Much appreciated. And for those of you following along at home the link has been replaced with a shiny new cleaned up version courtesy of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Cool dude with some health problems. Keep him in your thoughts.